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DATE:  16 September 2021

!!! Latest COVID19 Update !!!

Ballarat to enter seven-day lockdown and

restrictions ease in Shepparton

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The Victorian Government has announced the City of Ballarat has enter a seven-day lock down to slow the spread of COVID-19.

From 11.59 pm 15 September, the City of Ballarat will have the same restrictions as metropolitan Melbourne, but without a curfew.

For the Ballarat community, there will be only five reasons to leave home:

  • shopping for necessary goods and services
  • authorised work and study
  • caregiving or compassionate reasons
  • exercise
  • getting vaccinated

Ballarat will be required to adhere to the same restrictions that are in place in Metropolitan Melbourne.

If you are a resident and wish to leave home for work, you must:

  • check that you are an authorised worker or provider; and
  • carry the worker permit and photo identification when travelling to and from, and attending the workplace
  • Exercise and shopping will be limited to 5km from your home. If there’s no shops in your 5km radius, you can travel to the ones closest to you.
  • Masks will be mandatory indoors and outdoors and
  • there will still be no visitors allowed to the home

15 sep


From 11.59pm 15 September, Shepparton’s restriction settings were downgraded to match the rest of regional Victoria.

There are no changes to restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne.

Shepparton, residents will be subject to the same restrictions that are currently in place for regional Victoria.


There will be no changes to operations on building sites and restrictions will remain in place.

Building sites across the State (including in Ballarat and Shepparton) must continue to comply with reduced operations including limits on:

  • the number of workers on site to five workers plus a supervisor; and
  • the number of sites specialist trades can attend per week to three

15 sep

For a detailed overview of restrictions changes, see:

15 sep

NB: This information is current at the time of writing, 16 September 2021, and can change without notice. We highly recommend you check Victoria's Government website for further announcements and/or changes.

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